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City of Brookhaven


Signal Problem


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City of Brookhaven: A study needs to be done on the traffic volume at the intersection of Briarwood Road at North Druid Hills Road. Due to a dramatic increase in volume at this intersection in the last year, it takes 2 or more signal cycles to make a right turn from Briarwood into N Druid hills in the morning. In the evening there is a huge number of cars trying to turn left from N Druid into Briarwood. I've attached a picture of the evening backup (6:30pm) where the left hand turn volume backs up past Thornwell. Brookhaven, please study the high volume at this intersection and adjust the timing!!!!

also asked...
Q. Is there no power to the signal (Signal is dark)?
A. No
Q. Is the signal flashing?
A. No
Q. Is there a timing issue (too long to change from red, not changing at all, skipping cycles)? Please explain in detail:
A. No Answer Given

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