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This is a request to have the snow removed from the sidewalks leading the the city bus stop at Sargent Drive and Long Walf Drive. And, to have the snow removed from all city bus stops on Sargent Drive. There is no access to the bus stop and one must wait in the street with the oncoming traffic which was heavy, outbound and inbound on Sargeant Drive. Hopefully, there will not be an injury or a fatality due to the fact that the snow was never removed.
On Friday, 2/14, I was instructed "Z" bus driver to wait at the bus stop next time because I was waitied for the bus a the corner of Long Whart Drive and Sargent Drive. I told the bus that there was not a place to stand. This would me walking in the middle of the street with the oncoming traffic, going around a big puddle of water, and standing in front of the bus stop. (This was bus heading towards West Hills ). Please resolve immediately. There so many people who have parked their cars to take the city bus and an alternative to driving their own vehicles.

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