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Pavement Marking Worn/Needed


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It’s been almost 8 weeks since PWC came out here to fix a leaking pipe under the road and we have reported it twice and it needs to be paved and were told you don’t have enough asphalt??? The first time I reported it they said it was too cold to pour the asphalt, and then several weeks later when I reported it again they came out and said they didn’t have any access to any asphalt??? What? The mailman cannot get to the mailbox and rocks just keep flooding out in the road. There was a ton of asphalt used to pave the parking lot gas station up at Harris Teeter. And we still have sentiments of dirt coming in the bathwater PWC said they flush the line it hasn’t made anything better..

also asked...
Q. What type of Pavement Markings are needed?
A. asphalt
Q. Where are the Pavement Markings Needed?
A. they marked weeks ago


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