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Snow- Request DPW to Shovel Public Property


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I live at 7 Mortimer Pl and after Thursdays storm (feb 13th) a city plow blocked part of our parking area such that we had to remove snow in order for cars to get in and out. The parking area around the building is very tight right now with all the snow but you did not take care to make sure that the snow was removed properly and caused a big headache for us. Additionally, after Saturdays storm (February 15th) my parking space had a lot of snow in it from the city plow. This is not acceptable. I am requesting that you please come and remove the large pile of snow that has built up at the very end of Mortimer Pl near the telephone pole with the street light on it. It is very difficult for everyone at 7 Mortimer and our other neighbors on the street to get around.


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