Ice and Snow Packed Sidewalk Open

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I have lived in this neighborhood for well over 5 years and without fail every time there is a snow/ice event, the sidewalk that runs along Bedford Park, underneath the Grand Concourse (entrance of the D/B train) is covered with ice and snow. Last week Friday there was a good 6 inch layer of solid ice. Who is responsible for this sidewalk? While I understand that there is an alternate (walking up to the top of the Grand Concourse), it is less than ideal and is certainly not the safest option when you need to cross the Grand Concourse. Furthermore, it is my understanding that if individual businesses and property owners don't shovel their sidewalks, they will receive a ticket/fine. For the most part the businesses and property owners in the neighborhood are excellent at snow removal. I assume it is the City or MTA that owes this property and I believe they should be held equally accountable. This situation is extremely dangerous. Someone could seriously injure themselves walking on the snow and ice packed sidewalk. And if people have to take the alternate route (directly walking across the Grand Concourse), there is a greater risk of getting hit by the speeding cars and buses.

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