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The neighbors of Lyme Street are writing concerning activity at 125 Lyme Street. The residents (The Lai family) are operating an automotive business from their home since April of 2020. They built a homemade garage next to their driveway and deck, with a large tarp pulled over it, and work on auto repair all day long, sometimes as early as 7:00 am and as late as 1:00 am. They do not have any license or permits. Tow trucks have brought cars into their shared driveway on a regular basis. They have people in and out of their driveway, bringing equipment and cars, are not abiding by the mandate mask wearing during COVID. Sometimes cars are parked all over the street waiting to be serviced. The owners play music loud to try to drown out the machinery work. The loud machinery and music can be heard several streets over.
Oils, gas, chemicals and broken glass are spilled all over the driveways. This is a health hazard for the residents who live in this area, especially for the young children who live next door.
We understand that many people are struggling during COVID and are trying to earn a living, but it not legal to run a cash auto business with health and noise violations from your driveway and yard. It is unfair to people who are abiding by the laws, the city regulations and mandates, and pay their taxes.
Several people have asked them to be considerate of their neighbor’s health, safety, and peace and quiet and have been met with extreme hostility so we feel we have to write this letter anonymously for fear of retribution.
We are asking the city to please investigate.


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