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I see Enforcement 6 submitted a entry that HFD & CPW handled this issue on 03/08/2021 at 0810hrs. Code Violation (9462281) was closed by Enforcement 6. Has this job been rescheduled? As of 03/09/2020 the cable is still down. Please advise. See below for original report created on 03/04/2021.

Down overhead cable line since 01/21. Called Nipsco, Comcast, AT&T to report the safety issue. All parties denied ownership of the line. Representative from AT&T identified said line and reported the deficiency to WOW directly as stated via VM. After a waiting for a week with zero activity I reported the deficiencies and pedestrian safety / obstruction issues to WOW cable company on 01/26. Work order #29842839 was issued and was scheduled to correct the issue on 01/28. On 01/28 a contractor from WOW was dispatched to my residence observed the down line and verbally yelled obscenities in disbelief and documented the down line by taking photos using his cellphone. Occurrence recorded via Ring doorbell camera at 1445 hrs. Video available upon request. No action taken only documentation, nothing further or contact from WOW with updates. A second request for service call placed on 02/02. No status update and no further details were available other than rescheduling. Rescheduled for 02/04 and 02/05 (Double booked) issued work order #29819620. WOW failed to appear on both dates.

The overhead line is a safety issue to pedestrian traffic and can cause a possible slip, trip and fall hazard. It appears that work was done on the line either during early January 2021 or late December 2020. There is yellow caution tape hanging from the overhead line crossing 169th Street & Colorado Avenue. In front of 6860 Colorado Avenue abandoned excess cable coiled up leaning on Nipsco pole 80/531 on the sidewalk creating a obstruction on a public walkway. The down line is on the sidewalk at 6861 Colorado Avenue leading to Nipsco pole 95/677.


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