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Terrible traffic that needs to be addressed. Something needs to happen at the Manhattan Drive and Spring Street Intersection. My family lives on the corner and it is a terrible place to cross the street and to feel safe even on the sidewalk. I have been continuously emailing the mayor with no response yet. The intersection need a flashing yellow light or flashing stop sign. The amount of traffic that goes through there from 127 is incredible. People are constantly getting mad and honking there horns. I have personally seen a dog get hit and killed because someone did not come to a complete stop. Hardly anyone actually stops. People speed. Car accidents happen often. I have a 6 year old and do not feel comfortable crossing the street with him a lot of the time. Something needs to be done to address this issue. 18 wheeler trucks pass by here as well. It is a main road for a lot of people driving. Traffic needs to slow down. Many families live around there and it is unsafe and sad that nothing has been done about it. It's only a matter of time before a human gets hit and is hurt badly. I am happy to talk to someone more about this. If someone could come and observe the traffic situation from my porch I think they would see the issues within 5 minutes of watching. Hoping this can change. Thanks

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