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City of Detroit


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Traffic sign going northbound on Mound and Outer Drive for two left turn lanes down. Accident waiting to happen. NO painted road indicators either for years. Very tricky for outsiders of the neighborhood anyways. Seen many accidents with the sign. TURN SIGN

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Q. Please provide cross streets and/or additional location information.
A. No Answer Given
Q. What is the nature of the problem?
A. Sign down
Q. If you selected "Other" above, please describe.
A. No Answer Given
Q. What type of sign are you reporting?
A. Other
Q. If you selected "Other' above, please specify.
A. two lane turn sign, mound rd north and outer drive easy and west
Q. Are you reporting a sign that is blocking access to the street, sidewalk, or blocking property access?
A. No
Q. Is the street sign pole in cement or in dirt?
A. Dirt

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