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7-11 Lakeview Ave Town of Natick, MA, 01760, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Natick, MA


Double Utility Pole Reporting


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Double utility poles with wires tied with a makeshift rope to the smaller one. The wires from this pole go down Whitcomb St and are hanging extremely low (the trash truck and others have a hard time turning onto Whitcomb.

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Q. The majority of utility poles in Natick's public ways are owned and maintained by the Eversource Electric. Verizon also owns and manages utility poles in Natick. This reporting portal is intended to help compile a listing, locations, and photographs of double poles within Natick. The listing will be reported to the utility pole owners. - Geotaging locations and attaching photographs will help make this inventory more effective. - Please provide the pole number of the double utility pole. The pole number may be found labeled on the utility pole (generally two numbers).
A. 4
Q. Please provide nearest house number and street name of the location of the double pole.
A. 7 Lakeview Ave

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