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Now until May 31, Help bring a Fruit Trees Orchard in Edgewood Park, New Haven CT! A mix of apple, pear, plum, sweet cherry and, (if possible at all), apricot. A total of 45+ trees plus fruit bearing shrubs!

When we win this grant, The City of New Haven will match the award by planting the same number of fruit trees in other parks land in the city!

How to vote:

(1) goto
(2) select your state to enter site, (1st time on computer only)
(3) Click on the vote "VOTE NOW" button
(4) On the "List by State" TAB under "CT" (Connecticut) choose
"Friends of Edgewood Park" in New Haven
(5) Register, (1st time), or log in (don't need to opt in for e-mails) (6) Click on "PLANT MY VOTE"

(7) Please do this every day until May 31, so that we can have
fruits daily in the near future.

Thank you!

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