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Nuisance on Property Acknowledged

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Fitchburg, MA


Nuisance on Property


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On Wednesday 3/17/2021 on Beech St. Fitchburg, MA they were doing some work on the street to get to the pipes. Not sure what kind of liquid or solutions they used while doing their work but it went all over the front of my car, my windshield, the hood of my car, and the grill etc. The next day in the morning that is when I realized the substance on my windshield. I thought it was fine, something I can clean off easily but it did not come off at the slightest with the windshield wipers it was extremely difficult to see through driving during the day to work. I spent an hour trying to clean my windshield at least so I can see while driving but it did not budge same thing with my grill on my car. My windshield and the hood of my car feels extremely rough. I do have images of how I always keep my car maintained and I do have images of the solution all over my windshield, the grill, the positioning of my car. The fire hydrant next to my car has the same liquid splotches on it as well. I have pictures of that too. If they would’ve told me to move my car I would’ve done that with no issue at all but the only notice we received was that the water was being shut off from 9am - 5pm.

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A. Damage to car

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