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It is perhaps a "freedom of speech" issue that they allow people to attach signs to telephone poles.

However, they usually get left there. After many years - decades even - there can be quite an accumulation of staples.

Is there a way to request that these be removed? I personally removed thousands of staples from utility poles on High Street, Boston Ave. and Canal Canal Street, as well as some on Bower Street and Arlington Street in West Medford. A few years ago, I got them all out of all the utility poles within that defined area. I then called National Grid and they said it was OK that I did so.

My thinking was that there would be a very small incremental lessening of severe weather - both hot and cold - as well as a reduction in "dead weight." It would also help make the sidewalks more pedestrian friendly.

I also removed nails and tacks and a few paper bills or home-made signs.

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