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Once again the "French Drain" outside of enigma bar and lounge has failed and we flooding for almost the entire block due to this. The city needs to come up with an actual fix to this issue. Why is this not connected to the storm/waste water infrastructure why does the city not have store drains installed on central Ave. between 11st street and feet's. This is an eyesore not to mention a safety hazard.

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Q. What flooding problem are you reporting? (choose one of the following)
A. Roadway Flooding
Q. Describe the location of the flooding (where and approximately how deep was the flood water?)
A. 7 to 8 inches
Q. How long did the flooding last? Please provide the date(s) and time(s)
A. everytime it rains downtown and until Stormwater comes with a vac truck to remove the water
Q. Has flooding occurred at this location at other times in the past? If so, how frequently?
A. weekly. you can see all the times I have submitted this request
Q. Please provide any additional comments or information, such as if this event was caused by severe weather or tidal activity? Was there movement to the flood water? Was the flooded area close to a storm drain? If known, please provide the finished floor elevation of your home as well as any other property-related details.
A. No Answer Given

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