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The POTHOLES that are swallowing my poor little car!!! Open

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From 28th Street, Lorain Ohio, Driving South via Grove Avenue AKA Rt. 57, there are potholes so big everywhere to the point where it it unsafe to hit them or avoid them!! Either you destroy your car, or smash into another car to avoid them, I know they are there, Heck they are everywhere, I could write a book about the potholes are this YEAR!! I know what happens and Why it happen's too. I'm not stupid, and I'm sure you are not stupid either regarding Rt. 57 SOUTHBOUND, they are mostly in the right "SLOW" lane of traffic....I know you know they are there, and they absolutely NEED to be fixed ASAP! Or car repairs are going to start coming in to the city via our lifelong county members, that have not been smart enough to move south, for the winters, that is all the way until we KNOW all the potholes are patched, before we come back home for the summers...I wish I had some pictures, but if you have driven this path, you cannot miss them, Literally! Please look into this quickly and have some compassion for us!!! It is also pretty bad in the Northbound lane heading towards 28th St. and Grove Avenue, I cannot edit the map by adding another issue, I can only add to the description, Nothbound 57 isn't as bad in the middle of the road, but it is bad on the sides, I have swerved to miss a pothole early in the morning and almost hit a kid that was walking to Southview HS!!! Please look into this matter before someone is literally killed! Thank you!

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