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I’m an disgusted with how the schools are handling covid 19 protocol.

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A. Two of my relatives work in the public schools and have been exposed to positive cases multiple times. None of those times were they ever once sent home to quarantine like they properly should. When asked why they were told they had not been in contact with the positive COVID-19 person for longer than 15 minutes. In multiple cases they were in the same room enclosed with the door shut with the positive person. That alone is exposure enough to be sent home and quarantined for 10 days to not expose anybody else. the superintendent did not want to have to report the cases and did not have the staff to cover so chose to not send them home. We all want things to go back to normal for falsifying your numbers and putting people at risk is not the right way to do it. This is exactly why COVID-19 continues to spread. You are putting innocent people in harms way without their knowledge by exposing them. You need to follow proper protocols if something is not done I will take it to the state level.


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