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6551-6599 1st St N St Petersburg, FL, 33702, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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City of St. Petersburg


Sidewalk Repair


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There is a missing section of sidewalk on the east side of 1st St. N. just north of Woodrow Wilson Blvd. NE.
The marker on the ground just south of this spot says NB-0107.
I was skating on this sidewalk on the 13th of March on a sunny, clear day, but the missing section of sidewalk was obscured by the shade from the tree and when I went into the gap I fell hard and was severely injured. This section should be repaired ASAP because it is a safety hazard and until it is repaired, it should be marked with cones or paint to warn people of the hazard.

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Q. Is the sidewalk made of concrete or hex blocks?
A. Concrete


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