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It happened around 7:50AM, I was on my home, I worked the night before the accident. I always use rte9 for work and going back home. I noticed the car in front of me slow down so I did slow down also. I noticed the image of the rear view mirror getting larger then it bump me, I was pressing on the brake but the impact made my car go forward hitting the car in front of me. I was shocked, I composed myself and signaled turn left, parked and hazard signal on, the back part of the car was a mess,, kids seat we're all over. The driver from behind asked me if I was ok, I told him I was ok and he asked me what happened, I told him that I slowed down and then you bump me, he told me that he did not brake enough, he admitted that it was his fault. I asked the driver in the front car if he's OK and he said yes. He asked me if the car is OK and I said I don't know then he told me that there's a leak on the right front of my car and his car's left rear exhaust was damaged. I took a video of the car, a lady officer came in, she asked us what happened and she told us instructions on what to prepare. I stayed in the car and the Framingham police came in, asked us what happened, got our license ID and registration. The car behind me left without Towing and me and the front car got towed to Smitty's at Irving St., Framingham.

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