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I am so angry I can hardly compose this message.

Another parking ban! Nothing has been cleaned in front of my house since the first snow storm a month ago. The situation is untenable and these bans and our exorbitant taxes add insult to injury.

Foster Street between Lawrence and Cottage will soon have no parking spaces on the odd side of the street.
I have had to back up on both Lawrence and Foster to allow Yale transit to use streets that are not appropriate in the best of times and ridiculous in the present snow clogged conditions.

Why? Because the bans are ignored and not enforced. Because the plows don't show up during a WEEK LONG
ban. Because neighbors plow all their yard snow into the street. Because unwise choices are made as to which streets get priority. Because even the priority streets don't get plowed. Because the city allows Gigantic Yake buses access to streets laid out to accommodate horse and buggy.

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