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Large pothole the size of a car in the middle of the road. It feels with water when it rains, and even filled with ice during the winter. The depth varies, though is at least 2 inches at some points.
I called about it last summer, and people came down, drew a white box around the edges, and then left. I called again and was told somebody would come down but nobody did. During am outdoor public town hall I mentioned it to the mayor, and still nothing has been done (I at least admit I can understand how that can happen). Delivery trucks and other vehicles come by here making loud noises over the depression everyday while making the issue worse.

also asked...
Q. Please provide more information about the location of the pothole (ex. closest intersection, nearby milestones, etc)
A. In front of 82 Vista Ave, the middle of the road, it's the size of a car and can't be missed.
Q. How deep is the pothole?
A. Less than 6” deep
Q. Is the pothole in the right-of-way?
A. Yes

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