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Residential Blight - PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY Reconnu

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Residential Blight - PRIVATE PROPERTY ONLY


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Squatters are building unpermitted residential structures on empty lot across from 6310 Buena Ventura Ave. It's a dangerous, sliding hill, not suitable for any residence without significant engineering work, which they are not undertaking. Building materials on site appear to be a fire hazard.

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Q. ONLY for PRIVATE PROPERTY. If this is on the public right or way, please GO BACK and select a "Public Property" category. Thanks for acknowledging this.
A. I acknowledge this is on PRIVATE PROPERTY
Q. Select reason(s) for Exterior Blight within private property only.
A. Trash & Debris, Unapproved Open Storage
Q. Please provide additional location details.
A. Upper end of this lot is 3710 Delmont.

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