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There is a growing, revolting pile of garbage behind 421 Greenwich Ave. It is full of rats, mice, possums and skunks and includes dirty diapers and human feces. The interior of the house is equally revolting and rodents have been observed entering the building. LCI has been aware of this issue since last fall and yet no progress has been made whatsoever to resolve this. The city needs to condemn the entire property, relocate the lovely inhabitants, then clean and sanitize the house and yard. THEN the city needs to place a lien on the property and not lift the condemnation order until the owners have paid the entire lien. ALSO note that their are children living here (at least part-time), so DCF needs to be informed. The owners (since 2009) are KENTWOOD & JANICE MAXWELL. Their mailing address is PO BOX 661, BRONX, NY 10475. (NOTE that they are not in compliance with the city ordinance which requires absentee owners to give a physical address, not a PO Box.) Their residence is 120 Erskine Place, Apt 12F, Bronx, NY 10475


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