Alderman Dow Scrap Metal uses Chapel St as a staging area and waste dump Archived

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I drive past this scrap yard daily to get to work. Alderman Dow Scrap Metal uses a public roadway, Chapel St, as a staging area and parking lot. I can't tell you how many times a week the road and sidewalk are a: littered with refuse that makes driving, walking and biking by dangerous, and b: the road is partially or fully blocked by commercial truck traffic in and out, and even in a long line waiting to enter. Today, traffic was backed up all the way to Wooster Square in one direction, and over the Mill River Bridge in the other direction while an 18-wheeler blocked the entire road with an inexperienced driver trying to back in, unsuccessfully. I am not sure why the city allows this to go on, as this business needs a rear entrance, or at least a separate lane painted out for their truck traffic. Drivers have many near accidents here, every week, trying to get around the trucks sticking out into the lanes, not budging. Can the city please police this area more, require a better entrance/exit, and speak to the owners about respecting their neighbors better in general?

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