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Illegal Dumping Acknowledged

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Illegal Dumping


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Now that the weather is nice, the group of people who party in the parking lot are back every night. Sometimes stay and party into the early morning. They litter the parking lot with empty beer bottles/broken glass and fast food garbage.

Also it's great to see softball is back, but the players trash the park every season. Last night was the first night of the adult league and there was an insane amount of garbage and beer cans left behind.

Between the adult softball league and the regular group that uses the parking lot as their party spot, the park is consistently trashed on a nightly basis. It's frustrating for the people who live in the neighbohoodrand want to enjoy the park in the early morning toeither walk their dog or go for a un. rThere's a group of early risers, myself included, who consistently spendmornings cleaning up trash.

Is there a way to contact the leagues to remind players to clean up after themselves? Can Medford PD also try to patrol/stop the people partying after hours? Thank you!

also asked...
Q. What are the items that have been dumped? (please check all that apply)
A. Litter
Q. Is the issue on public or private property?
A. Public
Q. Is the dumped item(s) obstructing the public right of way?
A. No

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