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PED Signal


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Reported to City of Sarasota, but Siesta Drive is County Road. Passed on to you we believe.
There is NO crosswalk at the intersection of Siesta Drive and Old Oak Drive. Used to be in place--curb cuts and ADA mats are in place but when Siesta Drive repaved, crossing painted markers removed. Need pedestrian crossing immediately. There is no crossing between Osprey Avenue on Siesta Drive all of the way to the north Siesta bridge. Very Unsafe. Please call or email and advise status. We will continue to bring up to CCNA, etc as we are getting no response or status. Many thanks for keeping our County residents and visitors safe! Carol, Shoreland Woods Neighborhood Association 215-518-8479

also asked...
Q. What street is the issue on?
A. Siesta Drive
Q. What is the nearest cross street?
A. Old Oak Drive


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