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Traffic Signal / Pedestrian Signal Acknowledged

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Traffic Signal / Pedestrian Signal


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Since originally posted, the timing of walk lights has changed to the walk signal only coming on every other cycle of changing traffic: east-west, WALK, north-south, east-west, north-south, east-west, WALK. The problem is the 7 seconds given to cross through paved walk lanes is not enough if eaten up by cars ignoring the signal or cars backed into the intersection because Trumbull is clogged. It is not an uncommon situation. Yesterday, three people began to cross Trumbull on the west side of Orange, but the cars were blocking the walk lane. The seven seconds were gone and we had to back out of the way of cars coming down Orange. I hear "Safe Streets" being said, but it is not happening here. Keep the every-other cycle but gives us more time. It would also give more time to get cars moving out of the intersection.

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Q. Please identify the intersecting streets (if applicable).
A. Orange and Trumbull Streets, New Haven, CT
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A. Walk Signal

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