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Illegal Dumping in Road


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North Fair Oaks




This particular commercial/residential property continues to have issues with garbage in the street due to the consistent overflow of their garbage container. This is a weekly occurrence. One must mention, the size of the garbage container is not sufficient for this property, as it continues to overflow even with two garbage pick ups a week.
Of greater concern, is a refrigerator that has sat out on the street. There are now multiple appliances in front of the property/sidewalk area.
This is a safety issue, an eyesore and promotes more dumping in this area. As residents of 6th avenue, I think I can speak for all, when I say we do not want to see this as we come and go from our homes.
Property owner needs to address garbage flow issue. Larger garbage container, more weekly pickups, provide the ability to recycle as a lot of the garbage is boxes and address the no dumping on street next to garbage as waste management does not pick up these items.

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Q. What type of illegal dumping? Please select all that apply.
A. Other
Q. Did the items enter a storm drain or creek?
A. No


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