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Treasure Island, FL


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Treasure Island




They renovated the car wash across the street from my home and it is insanely blinding at night. It's extremely dangerous to be walking down the street, multiple families have almost been hit by cars coming around the corner because of the blinding glare from these blue and green lights. The car wash is not even open at night, there is no need for them to even be on at night.

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A. Other
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A. Car Wash- Around 268 104th Avenue, Treasure Island, Florida, 33706
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A. Blinding blue and green lights on top of the newly renovated car wash next-door to Jacqueline's Spa (268 104th Avenue, Treasure Island). There is no need to have these blinding bright blue and green lights on at night. It is a safety hazard for both pedestrians and drivers. Is this lighting to code as they are in the process of remodeling it? There have been multiple close encounters with pedestrians on the sidewalk as oncoming cars can not see past the bright lights.


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