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Sidewalk Repair


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Last week I saw an old lady in a wheelchair (pictured in front of Graham Court Condos, in a photo just submitted) as she was coming down Ransom Street in the east side of the road (not on the sidewalk). When I asked her why she wasn't using the sidewalk she pointed to the bushes in front of 219 Ransom, which have been allowed to grow half-way into the sidewalk for many years. She also mentioned the "bad sidewalk" half-way down McCauley, in front of 220 McCauley, which is pictured. This sidewalk should be fixed up, as was recently done at the NE corner of McCauley and Ransom, to facilitate travel by the handicapped.

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Q. Is it a trip hazard?
A. Yes
Q. Is there a tree nearby?
A. Yes
Q. Does reporter want a follow-up?
A. Email
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A. No Answer Given

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