Amir Elhakeem

I have a front yard can fit to my car. How can I turn it to a driveway so I can park my car. Is there special permit to do it ?


i use to park in my driveway for 16 years, after 16 years someone reported me, ( my neighbors boyfriend was the one ) when i bought the house i was told the driveway was legal, anyway 2 house from me there was another drive way his car would come out so much that it use to block the sidewalk, but the city told me that it was a legal driveway some corrupt official approved the driveway, you know how. i use to park 2 cars in my driveway, now i have to take up 2 parking on the street. ( YA THERE ARE IDIOTS AROUND YOU WHO DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN PEACE THEY WILL REPORT YOU OUT OF JEALOUSY ) and the city will come after you, just because someone reported you other wise they don't care. infact the city has turned us against each other by opening this website.

Matt Ch.

Or it doesn't suck if you like the historic character of Jersey City. If you want a driveway, consider buying a house that has one.


city has stopped issuing permits, unless you are getting rid of the old house and building a new one then you can have a driveway, ya i know what you are thinking, its sucks


Jersey city is @#$%.
I dont see them worry about historic with downtown that all new for the yuppies it a historic dump

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