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How do you register a bicycle in Lansing? The website app seems to have disappeared (not that it worked).


There is a City of Lansing Web site for registering bicycles:

Click on the 'Register Bike' link in the left column.

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How do i close a file after the matter has been taken care of?


It's an easy process to close an issue. Go into an issue's comment section and have the radio button selected to CLOSE t...<a href="/lansing/questions/3714-How-do-i-close-a-file-after-the-matter-has-been-taken-care-of">Read more &#187;</a>

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What can be done about an abandoned house? Its been red-tagged for almost a year, and is falling apart.

Carol Wood

Thanks for the address. This is NOT one the properties that is part of the Blight...<a href="/lansing/questions/3311-What-can-be-done-about-an-abandoned-house-Its-been-red-tagged-for-almost-a-year-and-is-falling-apart">Read more &#187;</a>

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Bicycle lanes. What are the rules. You know, car lane on the right, stripes for safe margin, then the bike lane. Discuss.


to payattn.

I wasn't aware of #6. Did you tell me before about your lawn mower? Someone told me about their lawn mower. I would have offered to fix it but it's fine now?

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When and where are the local farmers markets?

Carol Wood

The Allen Street Market Place is open Wednesdays, 2:30 – 7:00 pm through October 30, 2013. Find us at the intersection of Allen Street and...<a href="/lansing/questions/1870-When-and-where-are-the-local-farmers-markets">Read more &#187;</a>