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Why does it take 6-8 weeks for code enforcement to even check on a reported problem ?


Thank You!!! By the time code enforcement checks a complaint the culprit has either moved or died!

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anon user reporting long lists of sidewalks in different areas- Does code even question these identically worded reports as potential abuse?


not all of them do...some were even recently repaired and declared not in violation- but thanks for your input

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Which counsel person represents the 38109 LAKEVIEW GARDENS neighborhood?


At present, the area described (Council District 6) is represented by Edmund Ford, Jr.. Also, part of Super District 8, the same area is represented by Joe Brown, Janis Fullilove and Martavius Jones.

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Second time I've requested info on how to arrange curbside pickup of wood furniture, crib, window screens that won't fit in a cart.


Curbside Trash 
Yard debris may require special equip...<a href="/memphis/questions/5251-Second-time-I-ve-requested-info-on-how-to-arrange-curbside-pickup-of-wood-furniture-crib-window-screens-that-won-t-fit-in-a-cart">Read more &#187;</a>