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Why is my name showing up when an issue is reported? Thought this was anonymous?

Less Cee

Spine and being an adult have not one thing to do with this. This is only when your nei...<a href="/missouri-city/questions/5683-Why-is-my-name-showing-up-when-an-issue-is-reported-Thought-this-was-anonymous">Read more &#187;</a>

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Why does it take so long for a code enforcement officer to come see the problem after it has been assigned to it?

Melissa LeBlanc

We strive to acknowledge each concern when it comes in, if it co...<a href="/missouri-city/questions/5147-Why-does-it-take-so-long-for-a-code-enforcement-officer-to-come-see-the-problem-after-it-has-been-assigned-to-it">Read more &#187;</a>

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What is the normal time limit given to correct or repair an issue when given notice? 30, 60 Days?

T. Allen

It really depends on the issue being reported. For us, we were reporting a neighbo...<a href="/missouri-city/questions/4412-What-is-the-normal-time-limit-given-to-correct-or-repair-an-issue-when-given-notice-30-60-Days">Read more &#187;</a>