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While using Dragon software, if you encounter an issue named ‘Dragon speak not working,’ this could be because of no audio signal or poor quality. To resolv...<a href="/new-haven/questions/6144-DRAGON-SPEAK-NOT-WORKING">Read more &#187;</a>

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Who do I contact to have my landlord clean up swage that's coming up from my basement. I contacted LCI and nothing was done after either

LCI- Downtown/Wooster Square

Please call LCI again and re-file your compla...<a href="/new-haven/questions/5986-Who-do-I-contact-to-have-my-landlord-clean-up-swage-that-s-coming-up-from-my-basement-I-contacted-LCI-and-nothing-was-done-after-either">Read more &#187;</a>

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How do you delete a Point of Interest (POI)?


When you go to "Points of Interest" in your SeeClickFix account, you should see a map of all points of interest which are based on your See...<a href="/new-haven/questions/5862-How-do-you-delete-a-Point-of-Interest-POI">Read more &#187;</a>