I've tried both suggestions. My driveway is constantly blocked or parked in and i call and give the plate number and by the time anyone arrives to address the problem the culprit is usually gone with no consequences. Once my daughter had to get a ride to work it took so long and it was at least 4 hours after that before the first officer showed up.


On the off chance that individuals are stopping autos in or hindering your private carport, you can have them lawfully towed whenever. You can either call the neighborhood police to have the culpable vehicle expelled (which is to the detriment of the vehicle proprietor), or you can call a private towing organization to evacuate the vehicle at your underlying cost and be repaid after the proprietor pays the appropriate charges. While you could post a sign, it is a bit much since it is customary law (and at times went down by law) that unapproved stopping on private property can bring about expulsion of the culpable vehicle. ( )


Yes you can I did. Traffic and Parking dept. We got 2 on my street a few years back.

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