New Haven Swimming Schedule
Open Swim: Monday thru Friday: 5pm-7pm; Saturdays: 10am-3pm

John S. Martinez, 100 James Street
Hillhouse HIgh School, 480 Sherman Avenue
Wilbur Cross High School, 181 Mitchell Drive

Details here:

The best outdoor pool that anyone can use by paying a daily rate ($12. for adult non residents, 8.00 for kids) is the cheshire community pool. It is Olympic sized and perfect for lap swimming and cannonballs. Their hours are generous (unlike the new haven indoor pools where you can go for only 2 hours in the evening.). The cheshire community pool can be googled to find out further specifics.

Awesome! Thanks for all the help.

Emmanuel...a friend of mine swims at Yale and said it can get crowded there and be a little intimidating because you have to share lanes while swimming laps. I just want to do a couple cannonballs and paddle around. I'd hold everyone up on a lap lane. :)

Have you looked into the new Elm City Y? It is right in downtown New Haven, overlooking the Green, and members get free 2 hour parking at the Omni. Membership rates are sliding scale fees, there are discounts for seniors, students, youth, etc. You can do a monthly membership, if you don't want to do a 6 month or year. You might be able to join for as little as $40 or even less if you qualify for aid. Which if you are willing to pay $20 for just one day, you might as well pay $40 and be able to go all month long.

Orange rec dept has a great warm pool. $6 per day for non-residents.

I heard about the new Y but did not know they have a pool. Can you confirm this is true?

@1andonlyduane on twitter says, "@benberkowitz I think some NH high schools offer free swimming to residents in the afternoon/evening. Check Career and W Cross."

@sallyanntuesday on twitter says, "@benberkowitz @seeclickfix I think the closest is at Albertus Magnus.They did have some sort of public swim but maybe it was a membership"

Yale's Payne Whitney Gym: You have to be a member of the "yale community" in order to use the gym. exception for swimming: join the 6am Master's swim; i can't recall what the monthly fee is for that. great workout if that's what you're looking for (doesn't sound like it).
Albertus Magnus: you have to join the gym, which you can do on either a 6-month ($250) or 1-yr ($400) basis.
Same goes for YMCA's, though some do have single-day admissions, which are usually around $10.
Cheshire is great, if you don't mind the drive and the $12 fee.

It might be worth looking at the Yale Payne Whitney Gym. You can find location, hours and contact info here:

You might need to pay for membership before you use the facilities, though.

There are many cheap swimming pools around. You just go to the city center, after swimming you can play basketball stars next to it, it's pretty cool.

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The Alpha Community Services YMCA, a Bridgeport area pioneer in providing services dedicated to the homeless, has been a branch of the Central Connecticut Coast YMCA since 1992. The Alpha Community Services Y has grown and expanded its services, striving to provide not just temporary shelter but also a path to a better life for those experiencing homelessness – managing the largest family emergency shelter in Connecticut and providing supportive services to over 400 clients each year.

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Awesome! Thanks for all the help.

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Also worth noting is that Albertus Magnus has been keeping their pool at temperatures unsuitable for vigorous lap swimming -- 85-86F.

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