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Does the city advertise, 2 free annual Waste Management pickups per residence/ address?

Eddie Dunbar
Eddie Dunbar

2, according to the Recycling Hotline, as of a conversation ~3 weeks ago. Many citizens take advan...<a href="/oakland/questions/5652-Does-the-city-advertise-2-free-annual-Waste-Management-pickups-per-residence-address">Read more &#187;</a>

David Coleman
2 Answers

How do I un archive issues that were not fixed and or should have been closed.

Courtney L., Fire Admin
Courtney L., Fire Admin

You can’t unarchive an issue. You can copy and paste what you had reported in the closed one and put it i...<a href="/oakland/questions/5649-How-do-I-un-archive-issues-that-were-not-fixed-and-or-should-have-been-closed">Read more &#187;</a>

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Why are apartment buildings allowing their residents to pile trash up in front of their buildings on an ongoing basis on 28th Ave near Footh


This might be a case of someone running a junk hauling business and just dumping it in front of the same building all the time. Something like this is going on in my street.