I'm curious to know if this has been worked out.

Hi Oakland Pollinator, The cars finally stopped parking here. I think because someone contacted the office of Libby Schaaf the council person for the area.

I would try calling the OPD non-emergency number, 1-510-777-3333, but it may be difficult to get traffic enforcement out to your location before the car gets moved. Good luck. It may take many rounds of calling.

Another approach is to make sure that the marking are clear are discouraged from parking illegally. For that, I would start with SeeClickFix, and then call up Oakland Public Works at 615-5566 in a few days.

Hi Kevin. Parking Enforcement,non-emergency have been called multiple times and several SeeClickFix tickets filed by many people with no results. Emailed the Beat27x police, no result. Also requested "No Parking" signs with no result. Have now written councilman Noel Gallo and I'm guessing "no result" but fingers crossed. Here is one of the tickets http://seeclickfix.com/issues/708172-more-parking-on-the-path

Also these people parking illegally are aggressive and threatening if you try to talk to them, So frustrating.

Hi Fremont Tiger, It is better but sometimes the same people park their cars on path. They know Parking Enforcement hours so park when they are closed like on Sundays. Parking Enforcement stepped up and started coming by regularly so that has helped.
Still waiting for 'No Parking' signs to be installed. I have made multiple requests but have been unable to reach anyone from City of Oakland about this issue. This is a park path so pretty obvious you can't park there so need signs as reinforcement.

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