courtney elise

You just put your leaves in your yard waste bin


You could also work with a local community garden and compost it.

Patrick Michael Hayes

You have to have curbside for yard waste, green carts. Bags are not free. You can purchase them @ local hardware stores, fill them and put them @ the curb on your regular service day.
Call 510-238-SAVE (7283) for more details or visit


Yes I'm pretty sure they're free at Home Depot and you can put them nxt to your green bin

Emily O

Do you live in the Wildfire prevention assessment district? If so, Waste Management is obligated to take all yard waste that you leave, whether in your own barrels or in the $1 bags sold by ACE or Home Depot. There is a weight limit, though; if the barrel you leave is heavier than that limit, they can leave it. Recommend call WM to find out.

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