I think it is a psychological tool to make people feel more involved through game you vote and gain points.

courtney elise

Voting on SCF let's the PWA see how popular or in-demand an issue is. This increases the likelihood that the issue will be made a higher priority. Amazingly, Public Works Agencies don't have an unlimited budget (shocking, I know!) - by telling them what citizens feel is most important, they can make better decisions when it comes to appropriating money.


How come to answer you get more characters than to pose? In addition, Oakland PWA seems to have gamed this anyway- they always respond as acknowledged or fixed problem but same junk left on the streets. Is SCF a scam?


This website is very slow, The time to wait for a map to recenter is ridiculous! The City of Oakland is paying money to thus company for the service. More taxpayers $$$ being wasted by the city council. I vote to kick out the company Oakland City hired for this slow as molasses service.


SCF works by getting the complaint to the right department. Some, due to budget constraints or ineptness don't get fixed right away. Overall though it helps... so thanks SCF!


water gushing out of a pipe ought to be fixed if only 1 report it, dont you think- a waste of resources. Likewise streetlights that are out- a public safety issue- they need votes? I continually post of illegal dumping on the same street over and over and PWA I suppose comes out but they do nothing to reduce the illegal dumping in the first place because as soon as stuff is removed it reappears. I actually am now thinking it's a bad way to make decisions.


I'm sure it might influence their decision making to some extent, but there are issues that they always respond to. Street lights for example, are always fixed and usually within two weeks of reporting them, which I think is a pretty good turn around time when I send in 15 or so reports all at the same time and they come and fix all 15 lights.


it does seem to be a way to make us feel like something is happening when it really isn't. The only real solution is to call the Mayor's office, call & ask to talk to a supervisor at DPW.

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