I'm going to answer my own question.
§ 59-10450. - Commercial vehicles, trucks, semi-trailers and buses.
Commercial vehicles, trucks and semi-trailers shall not be parked or stored in residential zoning districts, except when being actively loaded or unloaded. Buses shall not be parked or stored in residential zoning districts except at those locations where they are accessory to the operation of civic uses permitted in residential zoning districts. This regulation shall not apply to the AA District.

(Ord. No. 24729, § 2, 8-27-13)

What's the weight that's illegal for a truck tow truck to be parked in a residential area car in my driveway

I live in a residential area but it's County property and there are semi trucks parked and stored at the end of The Daily drive fast through my neighborhood
The property is 2 Acre horse property
It was reported to the city the city came out but told us that it is County property who do I complain to

No they aren't allowed to park on residential streets. They can park in their driveways to the best of my knowledge. I'm not sure about if your edition is private, it seems as if that's the way it should be PRIVATE.

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Semi trucks cannot be stored in residential neighborhoods or private additions, except when being loaded or unloaded. They cannot be parked in the driveway or the street. We cannot enforce this ordinance on private streets.

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