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Sanitation pick-up and Ian Hurricane Debris

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Regular Trash pick-up for Thursday and Friday will begin today. Any regular trash pick-up not completed today will roll over to Saturday.

Beginning Monday, Oct. 3, the City will start collecting vegetation from the storm from residential homes.

A couple of essential details:

  • Only green vegetation will be collected. Residents are asked to sort out any regular garbage or other construction materials from the green vegetation.
  • Vegetation can be left on the edge of your property line, but do not block meters or stack vegetation against other items like trees or garbage cans.
  • The city will collect debris from all houses and follow regular sanitation routes.
  • There is no need to call and report the need for a special sanitation pickup.
  • Debris may not be picked up on your first scheduled trash pickup date - expect the process to take time as city crews work the entire city grid.

In addition to pickup by the city, residents can take debris to one of the city’s five brush sites, which will offer extended hours of 9 AM to 7 PM beginning Friday, 9/30, until Sunday, Oct. 8. Brush site locations be found at

• 1000 62nd Ave. NE.
• 7750 26th Ave. N.
• 2500 26th Ave. S.
• 4015 Dr. Martin Luther King St. S.
• 2453 20th Ave. N.

Yard Waste:

Residents may drop off vegetation yard waste & debris (grass, leaves, tree and shrub trimmings, palm fronds, limbs and logs), with the following exceptions:

• Yard waste must not contain plastics, metal or lumber
• Large limbs/logs should be less than five feet long
• Stumps should weigh less than 300 lbs

Property owners who hire a business to do yard work must accompany workers to a brush site for yard waste disposal or complete a Brush Site Consent Form. The form must be signed and completed by both the property owner and the company performing the services in order for the brush site to accept the material. Size and weight limits apply. Loads from multiple addresses will not be accepted.

More recovery resources can be found at

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