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As many of us are at home in larger number these days due to the COVID-19 Virus, Waste Services of Alabama (Santek) has noticed larger amounts of trash curbside and otherwise.   As a result, they are extending their hours in some neighborhoods.  That means you may see trucks out as late as 6 pm or 7 pm, picking up loads.


Please be patient during the next few weeks as we are trying to meet the needs of all Hoover residents in a timely manner.  We understand this may seem like an ideal time to clean closets, garages and yards.  But we are asking everyone to refrain from placing too much heavy debris curbside.


Also, please be aware of what items should be placed in the trash bins and what items are appropriate for recycling.  (Please refer to picture.) Wednesday is the only day for recycling in the City.  If you place recycling bins out on any day other than Wednesday, those items will be taken to the landfill.  Thank you.


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