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Ten Years of See Click Fix

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City of New Haven, thank you for 10 years of seeing, clicking, and fixing in our community!

A decade ago in 2009 a number of local New Haven residents were not satisfied with what happened when they reported a concern to the city. Usually this was done over the phone where the caller spoke with someone, outlined the issue, and was told that it would be taken care of. It was a black box where callers were being asked to take a leap of faith that the person on the other line would get the job done, or that they were even writing the information down. Out of this concern they created the website to connect the community with municipal government, neighborhoods with other neighborhoods in different parts of town, and turn neighbors into constructive collaborators.

In the next 10 years See Click Fix users in New Haven reported over 89,000 issues to the city. These requests included 7,144 potholes, 1,432 sidewalk repairs, 6,658 signs, 3,180 streetlamp malfunctions, 1,666 traffic signal issues, and 7,866 trees that needed to be trimmed, all of which city staff resolved. In fact, the city was able to address over 75,000 requests, with more being resolved each day. While the City of New Haven was the first municipality to utilize See Click Fix, the company has since grown to help communities internationally, connecting cities around the world to their local government.

It was a learning experience both for city government, See Click Fix, and the community. This had never happened before, and all three had to learn to walk together and find the best ways to utilize this new resource. With each new city adopting See Click Fix they benefited from each uncertain step, wobble, and stumble that happened in New Haven. Now when See Click Fix is implemented in a new area, they are able to utilize a decade of New Haven knowledge in their orientation and on-boarding.

The City of New Haven would like to sincerely thank you, the community, for enduring these growing pains with us. We’re proud to have resolved over 85% of the requests you’ve brought to our attention using See Click Fix while we were all learning the way together.

Going into our second decade we want New Haven to have the opportunity to also benefit from some of the many best practices of utilization that have been discovered by all the new communities, users, and municipalities that have adopted See Click Fix. A challenge in being the longest running See Click Fix community is that over the years we have several outstanding issues that are years old mixed in with the current reports coming in. One of the first steps in reimplementing See Click Fix needs to involve separating requests that we know to be contemporary and outstanding from those entered years ago that have languished. Many of these historic requests likely were
resolved and not closed, while others remain unresolved but have not had any attention or traction over multiple years. Even though these requests may still be outstanding this will be an excellent opportunity to make contemporary entries and shine new light on these concerns.

Next Friday, November 29th, we will begin this process. As a result, update notifications regarding many older requests will be sent by See Click Fix. See Click Fix is a tool developed to empower the people, and we cannot turn off notifications regarding requests you submitted. We do strongly encourage you to adjust your notice settings before next Friday, and if you do not want to receive a large volume of emails we recommend disabling all notices on Thursday and re-enabling any you’d prefer turned on going forward on Saturday. We’ve created the below pictured guide, you’ll see it’s as easy as;

1)      Click your profile in the upper right of your screen and select Preferences

2)      Click Email Addresses, then click your email address in the middle of the screen.

3)      Under Notices, deselect any/all boxes (these can be turned back on Saturday November 30th)


Thank you for helping us transition into the next decade of constructive communication, collaboration, and improvement!


The City of New Haven