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Garbage Clarifications

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I am putting out this notice in an attempt to clear up some confusion with the new garbage service.    

• Each resident has two (2) pick ups each week.  Your first pick up will either be Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.   The Second pick up is Thursday/Friday/Saturday.   

• The second pick up every week goes to Re-Power South.  They sort, separate and recycle OUT OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE.  Residents are not required to sort, but may continue to sort if that is preferred. Every second load, throughout the City of Hoover, goes to Re-Power South.   

• Bagging keep debris from falling into the street and littering our City. Please bag all debris if possible.  Cardboard boxes do not have to be bagged.   Just throw them in the cart for the second pick up for recycle.  If they do not fit, place them beside your cart or, place them in another cart.

• Amwaste will pick up more than one cart if you place them curbside, blue, gray or purple. 

• On the first pickup of the week, you may use ANY of your current carts to place leaves, limbs and yard debris if it fits inside the cart.   If it does not, please just email or call us and we will schedule a pick up for larger items and larger limb/debris piles. Less than 10 bags can be placed next to your garbage cart for pick up. 

• Currently, glass is not recyclable.   If you place glass in the second pick up, it will be sorted “out” and go to a land field.   

• See the cart notice below.  If your cart(s) are NOT broken, please just continue to use them.    


Amwaste has acquired the carts from your current service provider (Republic, formally Santek), so please continue to utilize these same containers for service.    Amwaste will be branding the carts with a sticker on top detailing what items go in containers and on what day.  During the first several weeks of service, if your cart is damaged or you no longer need a cart, it will help to leave your cart curbside with a simple note, such as, "remove this cart" or "swap this cart." 
There are approximately 30,000 residential homeowners in Hoover.  We are asking Residents to have patience and understanding during this transition as we are receiving and completing requests for cart replacement/removal. 
If your cart is broken and you need a replacement, please submit a request to the MyHooverConnect free app, email myhooverconnect@hooveralabama.gov or call 205-444-7543 or 205-739-7311.