City of Alameda

Alameda Street Sweeping Services with Enforcement Resume June 15, 2020

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To help keep our streets clean from debris and safe for all modes of travel, the City will resume street sweeping service according to posted schedules this Monday, June 15, 2020.  For those continuing to telework and/or who can be home to slow the spread of COVID-19, please park vehicles in driveways or other off-street parking when possible. For the last two months, the Alameda Police Department did not issue parking violations to vehicles parked on the street during posted street sweeping times.  However, as the shelter in place restrictions loosen, we will begin parking enforcement during posted street sweeping times with a courtesy notice to violators for the first two weeks.  On Wednesday, June 29, 2020, tickets will be issued to those in violation of posted street sweeping signs.  Resumption of enforcement is necessary to ensure the sweeper can actually reach the curb to clean the streets.  Thank you and good wishes to Alamedans.