By Tucker Severson

Using mobile and web tools to increase connection and improve service



New Haven needed a way to efficiently and effectively engage with its citizens. The City was receiving a variety of phone calls and walk-ins, with citizens reporting everything from potholes and graffiti to high grass and light outages. New Haven had attempted to improve the efficiency of the reporting process by adding self-serve forms to the city website. However, no one was using the forms. Management wanted a more efficient way to engage with these citizens and route requests to the right destinations.


SeeClickFix worked with the City of New Haven to establish citizen communication channels online and via smartphones. This included installing an interactive website reporting widget, which gives citizens a quick and simple way to submit service requests from the City website. New Haven and SeeClickFix also developed a branded smartphone application, which allows for easy request reporting as well as access to a wide range of information and web services.

These requests are channeled into the SeeClickFix request management platform, where City officials are able to engage with citizens, route requests to the correct departments and run reports.

Overhead shot of the New Haven Green park area.


New Haven has been using SeeClickFix for more than six years. Former City Administrator, Rob Smutts calls SeeClickFix “the universal front end for the city of New Haven”. Today, more than 17,000 or 12% of the citizen in New Haven are using SeeClickFix. The City has integrated SeeClickFix into its existing workflow, routing each request to the right place with the right information and keeping citizens engaged and informed.

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