Connecting Concerns

We equip citizens with the tools they need to submit service requests and give governments the systems they need to organize, track, and manage them.

  • Full mobile and desktop ecosystem for request submission, management, and tracking
  • Customizable mobile apps and online tools to increase citizen engagement and improve constituent services
Screens showing the process of tracking and managing an issue sent by a SeeClickFix user.

To Create Solutions

Even more, we help you handle the internal communications and correspondence required to successfully resolve all submitted requests.

  • Request and communication management tools with internal commenting and work statuses
  • Customizable notifications to tighten feedback loops and build trust between residents and their local government
Screens showing how government officials would talk with internal staff and citizens while managing a request.

Improving Communications with Better Data for Better Decisions

We make it easy to access and understand your data because we know that better decisions are crucial for optimizing citizen services.

  • Simple, clear dashboard interfaces for quick access to your data and core metrics
  • Recurring data exports tailored to your reporting requirements
Screens showing the data and information gathered from SeeClickFix by managing requests.

Branded Mobile Apps

Find information about the city services, events, social networks, and websites in your area.

  • Quickly access local websites and calendars
  • Find your city’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Discover digital payment services offered by your city
Several SeeClickFix branded app home screens on mobile phones.
Request a Demo
A cartoon neighborhood using SeeClickFix.

Better Neighborhoods Build a Better World

Download our citizen apps, or reach out to learn more about using SeeClickFix for your organization.

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