We chose SeeClickFix as our provider because I really loved their passion for providing an application that improved the community and engaged our residents.
Photo of Brian Dehner

Brian Dehner

Edgewood, KY
In Office: 2017 - now Population: 8,769
I am excited to join 311 today to announce the redesigned 311 Help & Info. The old 311 was inefficient and failed to meet Houston’s needs. The new 311 is a completely transformed entity which places focus exactly where it should be; on the customer. Today, Houstonians can reach 311 through a variety of channels that are convenient and easy to use.
Photo of Annise Parker

Annise Parker

Houston, TX
In Office: 2010 - 2016 Population: 2.196 million
It’s really, we think, the best technology in the country.

Tom Gaudett

Bridgeport, CT
Mayoral Adviser
As an administration, we’ve tried to always look for ways to improve operations. With respect to parks, we’ve increased our budgets and staffing to help try and improve maintenance and are always looking for ways for people to communicate (issues) easier — stuff like SeeClickFix, communication with our sports leagues.
Photo of Kim Driscoll

Kim Driscoll

Salem, MA
In Office: 2005 - now Population: 41,340
SeeClickFix Topeka is a true citizen engagement tool in that it allows for two-way, immediate and simple communication that leads to tangible results. Further, we can use the data generated through citizen service requests to target our resources to address trends we see in the app.

Doug Gerber

Topeka, KS
Interim City Manager
The City of Valdosta is excited to offer this modern engagement tool to our citizens. To my knowledge, Valdosta is the first city in our area to deploy such an interactive citizen engagement and reporting mechanism that allows them to be more involved in the care of their city.
Photo of John Gayle

John Gayle

Valdosta, GA
In Office: 2012 - now Population: 54,518
Chicago launched Open311 as part of our unprecedented commitment to make City data more accessible and empower taxpayers. I’m pleased that we can work with SeeClickFix to create new ways to improve service delivery, increase government accountability and improve the quality of life for all Chicagoans.
Photo of Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel

Chicago, IL
In Office: 2011 - now Population: 2.179 million
SeeClickFix won’t just put us on a level playing field – it changes the game for us. We are embarking on a journey of symbiotic citizen engagement, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s about to happen with our relationship with our citizens.

Amber Reynolds

Topeka, KS
Technical Support Group Manager
The Improve Detroit app [powered by SeeClickFix] has ushered in a new era of customer service and accountability in city government, It’s never been easier for Detroiters to get their voices heard and their complaints taken care of.
Photo of Mike Duggan

Mike Duggan

Detroit, MI
In Office: 2013 - now Population: 688,701
Remember — one broken window — that’s all it takes. SeeClickFix fixes that. We used to have a tremendous graffiti problem. Now we’ve eradicated it with SeeClickFix. Because we get it, the property owner has to fix it within 24 hours or we’ll go there and fix it and charge them. So, with SeeClickFix, don’t be afraid! Use it — your residents will love it, and you’ll love it.
Photo of Frank Ortis

Frank Ortis

Pembroke Pines, FL
In Office: 2004 - now Population: 162,329
This is really moving people off paper and into the digital world. And one of our first goals is to kind of document the actual process, refine it where needed, include the technology into the process, and then interview the department heads about what their performance - critical success factors are in terms of operations. So SeeClickFix is specific to measuring performance in operations.

Joseph Gacioch

Ferndale, MI
Assistant City Manager
If you come across a problem, take a picture, then track it; it's all online. This lets you track it and also allows you to engage with other members of the community. It's more transparent, more accountable, more efficient.
Photo of Rick Kriseman

Rick Kriseman

St. Petersburg, FL
In Office: 2014 - now Population: 249,688
With diminishing resources, this system can help City staff work more effectively and enlist more citizens to get involved. One of my favorite neighborhood leaders says that 'Grime equals Crime.' Together we can make Oakland more beautiful and safer.
Photo of Jean Quan

Jean Quan

Oakland, CA
In Office: 2011 - 2015 Population: 406,253
SeeClickFix has created an impressive piece of technology and we are excited to be partners with them.

Chris Jarmon

Beaumont, TX
Executive Assistant to the City Manager
The new DC311 app provides another way to achieve a goal I announced during my State of the District Address this year - making the District government the nation’s best and most responsive at providing services to our residents. With this emerging technology, we continue to ensure that the District is a safe and beautiful place for all of our residents and visitors by giving them a tool for real-time collaboration with our government. If you see a pothole, graffiti, or a broken streetlight, you can snap a photo of it and send it directly to 311! Now there is, literally, an app for that – and within 30 seconds you can be on your way to a resolution.
Photo of Vincent Gray

Vincent Gray

Washington, DC
In Office: 2011 - 2015 Population: 658,893
SeeClickFix has been a godsend.
Photo of Kevin Dumas

Kevin Dumas

Attleboro, MA
In Office: 2015 - now Population: 43,593
This is about creating innovative approaches to everyday issues. Not only does this improve efficiencies within the City, but it provides a platform for addressing community issues with cost-effective technology. Through this new service, Albuquerque continues to show its progress as a technological and innovative leader in the Southwest and the nation.
Photo of Richard Berry

Richard Berry

Albuquerque, NM
In Office: 2009 - now Population: 556,495
There have been many times when people have asked me when the City would have an app to report a pothole. Today is that day. But beyond letting us know about potholes and broken street lights, this new app will help make city staff more efficient, save the City money, and will also get more people involved in building a better and safer Minneapolis.
Photo of R.T. Rybak

R.T. Rybak

Minneapolis, MN
In Office: 2002 - 2014 Population: 400,070
It will actually help department heads determine funding in their budget for these different areas, so there are many phases and aspects of this app that we will be opening up as we learn more and more about it ... The direct reporting of issues by citizens will allow the City to further escalate the excellent customer service that our citizens have come to expect.

Mark Barber

Valdosta, GA
Assistant City Manager
I love SeeClickFix. It makes us more efficient and accountable!
Photo of Bill Carp

Bill Carp

Brockton, MA
In Office: 2013 - now Population: 93,810
This app is a must-have for city residents, visitors and professionals. From the convenience of your mobile device, you can access all aspects of city government from contacting the Mayor and your local Alderman, to locating various athletic opportunities available to children, to finding out what exhibitions are featured at the Currier Museum of Art and purchasing tickets. Where technology is certainly a large and essential part of our everyday activities this is great news for the City of Manchester.
Photo of Ted Gatsas

Ted Gatsas

Manchester, NH
In Office: 2010 - now Population: 110,378
(We choose SeeClickFix) to empower citizens with a platform to report non-emergency issues while delivering transparency, streamlining administration and increasing citizen satisfaction.

Steven Miles

Roswell, GA
Director of Information Technology
By adding a component like ‘Fix It! Taylor’ to our current system and making other adjustments, we can give our residents better service while alleviating some of the current phone traffic. Wait times on the telephone are, at times, unacceptable. As residents enter issues into the ‘Fix It! Taylor,’ those complaints will automatically be directed into our database system and channeled to the correct department to be fixed. Residents can track those problems online. They will see if someone else has made the same complaint and when the issue is fixed.Our hope is that ‘Fix It! Taylor’ will streamline and improve communication, and make the entire system very user friendly.
Photo of Rick Sollars

Rick Sollars

Taylor, MI
In Office: 2013 - now Population: 61,817
I think it’s been very effective. [Commonwealth Connect] certainly is a useful tool, not only for our residents, but for government, also, because you can kind of keep track where the problem spots are. It essentially gives you data in real time, and let’s people know when problems are being corrected. So far, so good.
Photo of Thomas Hoye Jr.

Thomas Hoye Jr.

Chicago, IL
In Office: 2012 - now Population: 56,069
It’s really exciting for the town and will provide service at a whole new level to residents. There’s lots of great things about it, from the user’s end in terms of reporting and for us. If you want to, you can ask to be informed as your complaint works through the system.
Photo of Liz Lempert

Liz Lempert

Princeton, NJ
In Office: 2015 - now Population: 16,265
(North RePort app) gives a way for community members to be more of a part of helping solve community issues – getting people directly involved in making the community better.

Jonathan Lewis

North Port, FL
City Manager
Today, we are taking the step to make Howard County more responsive, more innovative, and more efficient, than ever before…We will be crowd-sourcing a better County. The ‘Tell HoCo’ app is also a perfect internal management tool. Our public works department and recreation and parks staff have been using it for a couple of months to track their work and monitor their progress. This is eliminating paperwork, and making our crews more efficient.
Photo of Ken Ullman

Ken Ullman

Howard County, MD
In Office: 2006 - 2014 Population: 304,580
A more user-friendly city website coupled with the power of SeeClickFix gives our citizens the online and mobile reporting capabilities to voice their concerns about a variety of city issues through easy-to-use categories, while also ensuring each city department is equipped with the best information possible to help resolve these concerns. I am proud that Albany is the first major city in New York State to adopt the SeeClickFix platform, and I look forward to its positive results in our community.
Photo of Gerald Jennings

Gerald Jennings

Albany, NY
In Office: 1994 - 2013 Population: 98,424
(SeeClickFix Work is) another level of utility that's going to allow us to provide a better level of service to our internal stakeholders as well as the public.

Dan Riviello

Cambridge, MA
Communications Manager of Cambridge Public Works
Technological excellence is no longer a choice. It is a necessity. In this digital age, we must meet residents where they are – and they’re on their smart phones. We can use this fact to make our city more responsive to our residents. Today, the city launched ‘Saint Paul Connect,’ our own mobile app available on Android and iPhone. Have a question about traffic lights? Encounter a pothole? It’s all right there.
Photo of Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman

St. Pail, MN
In Office: 2006 - now Population: 294,873
A cartoon neighborhood using SeeClickFix.

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