Rabies may appear in either the 'furious' form or the 'dumb' form. Animals with the 'furious' form may appear to be agitated, bite or snap at imaginary and real objects, and drool excessively. In the 'dumb' form, wild animals may appear tame and seem to have no fear of humans. If you see an animal displaying the common signs of rabies listed below you should contact animal control or the police department:
- Appearing excessively drunk or wobbly
- Acting disorientated
- Displaying no fear of humans
- Walking in circles
- Partially paralyzed
- Mutilating itself
There are few behavioral signs that are telltale of rabies alone. If a typically nocturnal animal, such as a raccoon or skunk, is active during the day and exhibiting abnormal behavior, you should seek advice from your local animal control officer. Most of the signs associated with rabies can also be indicative of other diseases like distemper or poisoning.

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